How to use CBD oil

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In recent years, CBD oil has made a name for itself throughout Europe. Just like the classic e-liquids inhaled in electronic cigarettes, CBD oil is a new trend in vaping. This oil is distinguished by the fact that it does not contain nicotine or other types of drugs that can harm the nervous system.

CBD is a harmless cannabinoid that is different from THC which directly attacks the brain. Studies have even shown that this molecule can provide soothing, tranquilizing and anti-stress sensations. But how to use it? What are the different types of possible administration of this oil besides vaping?

Inhalation of CBD

This new vaping concept is a highly appreciated trend. Indeed, the system of use is similar to the use of electronic cigarettes. Simply fill the tank with CBD oil and activate the device to vape. It is increasingly used by smokers, especially cannabis addicts, because it allows them to perceive the same sensations while reducing health risks.

Studies have shown that CBD is not a hazardous substance when consumed in appropriate doses. Especially since in the UK, the oil must not contain more than 0.2% THC, which considerably reduces the harmful effects. Inhalation of CBD can therefore help stop smoking. Smokers can choose the flavour they want, ranging from the most classic to the most gourmet, such as fruity aromas, candy etc..

Other ways to use CBD oil

In addition to inhaling CBD oil, it can also be consumed directly by mouth ingestion. You can consume it sublingually via a dropper or spray and the effect will be faster and more effective. It is also possible to take CBD oil orally by mixing it with food. This will add more flavour to the oil. You can also make infusions by choosing fat elements to dissolve the oil; adding a cloud of whole milk will do just fine.

Where can I find it?

No matter the type of application you are after, you can legally find quality CBD oil that meets the requirements of UK legislation online. And if you intend to vape, you can also find appropriate e-devices online.


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