How to find your ideal CBD oil dosage


Due to the very large array of health benefits associated with it, cannabidiol (CBD) oil is gaining increasing popularity among both healthy people trying to prevent illnesses and ill people trying to manage or treat their conditions.

If you’re reading this, maybe you fit in one of these groups and you’re trying to get some answers regarding the use of CBD oil. We can help with that.

First, it’s important to have in mind that CBD is still being studied from a scientific perspective and that studies with humans aren’t that abundant yet. For that reason, scientists still haven’t been able to decide which is the best CBD dosage for each medical condition (when they do, the FDA and other international entities will be among the first ones to implement the dosage limits). Therefore, any indication you may read regarding dosage is most likely an estimate from the CBD oil manufacturers, and that may vary a lot.

The best way to know what your ideal dosage of CBD oil is, is to do some tests and draw your own conclusions according to how your body reacts. Next, we’ll give you a few tips on how you can do that in an effective a simple way.

Know your condition

The first thing you need to know is that knowing the appropriate amount of CBD oil for your specific case can’t be achieved by using the “one size fits all” approach.

Much like with any type of medication, and although most people aren’t always aware of it, there is a recommended dosage that is not the same for everyone. For example, imagine you suffer from severe headaches and you find out your best friend does too. Your friend has some pills that he takes once a day and that really help manage his headaches, so he recommends it to you. You take the pills as instructed, but don’t feel any difference at all. Or worse, you feel terrible side effects that your friend didn’t even know were possible.

This scenario is an example of what happens when the “one size fits all” approach is used in medicine. You may even have the same physical structure as your friend (weight, height, age), and still, the medication won’t work on you in the same way that it works on them.

Also, and even when you are recommended a dosage that is backed up by scientific evidence (here is one example), you still need to evaluate and analyze what it does to your body.

This is because, although our bodies may seem the same, they’re not. We all have different psychological mindsets, different medication/substance use history, different life experiences, different physiology, and so on. The safest way to see if something works on you is to carefully experiment, analyze and reach a conclusion based on your personal experience.

First, start with a simple thing like knowing your basic physical features and history:

  • Weight;
  • If you’re currently taking any medication or have done so in the past months;
  • If you’ve used cannabis or cannabis derivates before;
  • If you have any medical conditions.


Taking CBD oil orally is usually the most effective way of absorbing higher amounts of CBD and has more lasting effects than vaping. For that reason, you need to be careful with the amounts you take, especially if you’ve never used CBD or cannabis before. So, the best way is to experiment and see how your body adapts to these substances.

In the form of a tincture, take a drop of CBD oil and place it under your tongue for 30-90 seconds; then, swallow. This is called sublingual administration and is the fastest and most effective way of getting the CBD into your bloodstream. For that reason, you should start experimenting with the lowest dose possible and see how you react to it.

  • Start with a very low dose (a drop once every two days, for example), stick to it for 1-2 weeks and take note of changes you might feel;
  • If you don’t feel any changes, wait for 2-3 days, increase the dose a bit (a drop once every day, for example) and repeat the process for another 1-2 weeks;
  • Do so until you find the lowest dosage that relieves your symptoms.

Especially if you’ve never used cannabis or cannabis-derived products before, start with a CBD isolate oil and only after you get used to it you can start experimenting with full spectrum oils.

This is because full spectrum oils contain a wide range of compounds (including a very small dose of THC), which may be very helpful but require you to get used to these compounds first. So, start with the simplest substance and then move on to more complex ones (always using the lowest dosage possible that relieves your symptoms).

If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor to see if the CBD doesn’t interfere with any of your medication.

Also, remember that increasing the dosage isn’t always best. There’s something called a therapeutic window, which represents the range of dosage in which any medicinal substance has beneficial effects. Below the window, you might not get any effects, and above the window, there’s the possibility of developing side effects or maybe even not seeing any effects at all. The trick is to find your therapeutic window and respect it.

Observe the results and draw conclusions

After each experiment, take note of the results and draw your own conclusions. Knowing yourself and how you react is the best way to find your CBD oil therapeutic window, but you most likely will need to go through the trial and error experimentation process. Don’t be discouraged, and most importantly, follow the correct procedures and don’t increase the dosage too much without measuring the effects first.

Scientists believe that the ideal dosage might not be a fixed value because it can change throughout someone’s lifetime. Since it depends on things such as internal absorption, age, weight, medication interactions, among others, it’s only natural that your ideal dosage isn’t the same in every phase of your life. For that reason, it’s best to always be alert and take note of anything you may feel that is out of the ordinary, in order to realize if you need to lower or increase your current CBD oil dosage.


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