OHNE’s New CBD Oil Is A Perfect Solution for Your Period Pain.

Credit Ohne

OHNE has recently launched a new CBD oil called Anti-teardrop. It has been created to provide instant relief from period pain and is available all over the U.K.

Dealing with your monthly period is quite a hassle, and the most difficult thing to deal with are menstrual cramps. Especially if you are a person who suffers from extreme period pain. It can result in being bedridden for days and while many women have different methods available to sooth their pain such as hot water bottles, warm milk or getting a massage the unpredictability of the menstrual cycle makes it inconvenient to carry these things around all the time.

Of course, you also have the option of using pain killers, but too much use can result in addiction and can have severe side effects. This is where CBD comes in. It is a natural pain killer that soothes raging cramps, relaxes your muscles and has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce swelling. However, a big issue with CBD oil is that not all of them are of good quality which results in lowering their effectiveness on the human body.

OHNE recently launched a new product called Anti-Teardrop 1% CBD oil. Its sole purpose is to relieve women of their period pain and make their life easy. As Nikki Michelsen states “At OHNE, our team has been using CBD to combat period pain for a long time, so we thought it was about time we shared the secret.”

To develop this product, they teamed up with Graces London who have been producing CBD oils and other products for a long time now. After six long years, OHNE finally managed to create their ideal product which is now available all across the U.K.

According to the company, the Anti-Teardrop oil is made from the mixture of 100mg full-spectrum CBD, hemp extracts and essential oils. All of these are natural ingredients which means that the risk of getting affected by side effects is next to none.

Another useful thing about this product is that it comes in a small bottle which is easy to carry around. You can use it wherever and whenever you want. No need to take a day off for rest or worry about your schedule getting messed up; use Anti-Teardrop oil and you are good to go.

Regarding its application, there is no fixed set of instructions available it can be used in various ways. As Michelsen states “It’s so versatile and can be used differently depending on how you experience your period.” Hot water bath during your period can be quite beneficial combined with OHNE’s CBD oil and the effects will be increased.

Another method is that you can apply the oil directly on the affected area. Since the human skin can absorb the oil quickly you will experience instant relief. The last method is to apply a few drops of oil on your tampon and then use it.

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for an excellent quality CBD oil that will help relieve your period pain, then we recommend giving Anti-Teardrop a chance. It will end up surprising you.


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