Gymbox introduces a new CBD class in the UK called Cannabliss


Gymbox’s new CBD class called “Cannabliss” is causing a stir in the U.K.

By now you have probably seen and heard about CBD food, capsules, oils, pet treats, and many other things. CBD yoga classes are the latest addition to the wellness industry. Gymbox, the U.K. based gym company has created a class named Cannabliss. Participants are asked to apply CBD patches on any parts of their body. This helps reducing inflammation and getting rid of any pain you might be experiencing. Yoga contains many poses that are beneficial to the human body and combined with the natural pain relief ability of CBD, you get the double dose of health benefits .

Credit: Gymbox yoga

The Cannabliss is a physical therapy style class designed explicitly for desk worker and other individuals who have a 9 to 5 job. Since most office workers remain seated or work in a particular position, it can result in individuals experiencing back pain or aches all over their body. CBD yoga classes can help people get rid of such pains. As Hannah Curtis Well states “the stretches and mobility exercises help to relieve aches and pains that most desk workers experience as well as relieving stiffness from a frequent exercise”.

Gymbox’s Yoga class relaxes your muscles and allows you to get rid of all your fatigue. This class is especially suitable for beginners who are not used to exercising and as a result can end up hurting themselves. Simple stretches combined with CBD infused patches make it easy for beginners to start their yoga workout journey.

A therapeutic effect

Firas Iskandarani, a Gymbox trainer states that many customers have told him that after the CBD yoga class they feel rejuvenated and end up experiencing the best sleep. This makes Cannabliss especially suitable for people suffering from insomnia. Instead of taking sleeping medicines and counting sheep you can simply take a CBD yoga class. It will help relax both your mind and body which will make it easy for you to fall asleep. However, here is a piece of advice after the class is over. Ask someone else to drive you home or take a taxi. The reason being that the relaxing and soothing effects of CBD can result in you falling asleep while driving..

Want to know more about the positive effects of CBD yoga class? Anna Maxted visited the Cannabliss class and tried it out for herself. Here is her take on it “My impression is that the CBD patch may well have enhanced my ability to relax, and enabled me to sink into some challenging stretches…. I’m impressed. This pleasing physical sensation of warm, deep relaxation lasts all day.”

Since its launch Cannabliss has become a big hit and all of the sessions so far have been completely booked up. So, if you are interested in giving this Gym class a shot, then we recommend that you book way in advance. Have a fun time exploring the incredible effects of CBD yoga.


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