Study finds CBD oil can help dogs with osteoarthritis


Can CBD help dogs? The health benefits and medical applications of cannabidiol (CBD) oil in humans are well documented by science. These include the treatment of mental and psychiatric conditions, pain, cardiovascular issues, among others, and are mostly due to this substance’s inherent features and qualities.

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and neuro-modulatory properties. It can act on almost every single system of our bodies, through something that is called the endocannabinoid system, thus being useful in treating a wide variety of conditions.

Furthermore, what’s even more interesting is that these effects are not exclusive to human beings. CBD oil is also thought to benefit animal health, thus presenting a very interesting potential in veterinarian applications. Lets see how CBD can help dogs:

In one recent study, researchers provided new insights as to how CBD oil can be used in veterinary medicine, particularly in treating dogs with osteoarthritis.

The researchers gave oral doses of CBD oil to 16 different dogs with severe osteoarthritis, during periods of 4 weeks. The oral doses were between 2mg to 8mg, depending on the dogs’ size, weight, and other factors. At the end of those 4 weeks, there were 2 weeks of “rest”, when all treatments were stopped, and the effects were measured/studied.

Although the researchers strongly advise monitoring the dogs’ liver health while taking CBD oil, there were no reported side effects.

Moreover, the results were very promising:

  • CBD oil was able to increase comfort levels in the dogs;
  • The animals’ activity levels increased, even in dogs who had barely any mobility;
  • Pain, one of the main effects of osteoarthritis, decreased considerably.

Also, similarly to previous reports from a study in rats where 1 week of CBD oil treatment had effects that lasted for 5 months, it was also reported in this study that the effects of 4 weeks of CBD oil treatment lasted longer than the researchers expected.

The usual treatments for osteoarthritis in dogs are based on the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which can cause side effects such as liver, gastrointestinal, and kidney damage.

Overall, the use of CBD oil seems to have positive effects and may very well become an alternative to the current veterinary osteoarthritis treatments.


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