Worcester University offers a course on cannabis industry


The growing hype surrounding cannabis and cannabis-based products is shaping several aspects of our society and economy. Economists recognize the plants’ (and its components) enormous market value, scientists its medicinal properties, historians its possible influence in modern societies’ development, and now academics recognize its industry potential.

Preparing for the imminent establishment of cannabis as a whole new industry, the Center for Business and Industry at Worcester State University, UK, is now offering an online, non-credit, training cannabis-related program.

The program is the result of a partnership between Worcester State University and the Online Cannabis Education platform, and it includes the following major topics:

  • How to grow medical marijuana;
  • How to cook with marijuana;
  • How to be a budtender;
  • How to open a dispensary and delivery service;
  • Medical marijuana laws and regulations;
  • Marijuana as medicine: myths and miracles revealed.

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to have acquired a set of 9 essential skills around 7 main areas. For each essential skill that is correctly acquired, the students will earn a specific badge: Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Business, Budtender, Marijuana Grower, Cannabis Career, Cooking & Extraction, Master of Marijuana, Marijuana Law, and Trimming.

This new development in academic curricula shows the growing influence of cannabis-related businesses. Ranging from new production locations to cafes and clinics, the applications of cannabis and its components are now immense, and new workstations are being created to accompany this growing tendency.

According to Jeremiah Riordon, director of the Center for Business and Industry, “workers in the cannabis industry are needed in all areas of accounting, finance, production, quality control, and operations”. “These credentials can be used for entry for a new professional, or as a stackable credential for those interested in lateral opportunities for their existing degrees”, he claims.

Courses such as this aim for better education surrounding the topics of cannabis use, laws, and production, giving students new skills and tools to better adjust to this new business trend.


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