Flying with medical cannabis? TSA finally says ‘yes’


Although many people now use medical cannabis and CBD-based products such as CBD oil to treat and manage a wide range of health conditions, travelling with these substances may still be a great challenge.

Since not all countries allow the use of medical cannabis and laws and regulations may still be a bit unclear, many airport security officers may not allow patients to travel with their medical cannabis products.

This issue has raised questions among all patients that legally use medical cannabis products and has been a controversial matter for quite some time. And now, finally, the Transportation Security Administration (the government entity that regulates traveling security in the US) has reviewed and made changes regarding this subject.

According to their website, TSA now allows passengers to fly with medical cannabis products, as long as those products have been approved by the FDA. Examples include Epidiolex, a CBD-based medication used to treat severe seizures in children, and hemp-derived CBD products (which, by law, cannot contain more than 0.3% THC).

This is a major step forward that allows patients to travel to and from the US with their medical products, as long they are approved and legal. This measure is the same that is usually applied in European countries where medical cannabis has been legalized, and it’s an indicator that governments and companies are finally enforcing the law and not punishing the patients for carrying legal medical cannabis products.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that wherever you travel to, you need to make sure medicinal cannabis is allowed in that country and that you have a valid prescription for bringing the product with you. Even if the product itself is not illegal in its composition, if you don’t have a medical prescription specifically written for it, it may be considered illegal in many countries like, for example, the UK.

Due to frequent crimes like smuggling, travelling with cannabis or cannabis-based products has always been a very difficult task, even when medicial cannabis was legalized in several countries, including the US and European countries like the UK, Portugal or Germany. This decision by the TSA is a good indicator of a shift in governmental conscience and is very likely to be reflected in European countries as well.


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