Spectra: an app to revolutionise the CBD oil online market


Nowadays, cannabidiol (CBD) oil is available through many different manufacturers, distributors, and platforms, most of them online. CBD oil is thought to provide a wide range of beneficial health effects, being especially helpful in managing conditions such as various types of pain, anxiety, schizophrenia, complications from cancer treatments, mood disorders, psychosis, skin disorders, and menstrual issues. Its use for medical applications is now legal in many countries across the EU and the world, although there are still adjustments to be made.

However, now that CBD oil and CBD products are gaining increasing popularity in the medical markets across Europe and the world, a few concerning issues begin to arise, and the need to choose the best products is greater than ever.

According to a study published in 2017, the difficulties in regulating the production of cannabis and the manufacture of cannabis-based products can have serious effects on public health.

The researchers found that 26% of the tested CBD products sold online contained less CBD than it was indicated on the products’ label, and that many of those products had enough tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to potentially cause intoxication and other issues, especially in children. The study also points out the difficulties in regulating these types of products, due to the rapidly changing online CBD market.

Showing similar concerns for this issue, the Canadian company Cobidol is preparing to launch a mobile app, SpectraTM, to address these concerns in the current online CBD market.

According to Cobidol, SpectraTM is a mobile search app that will allow consumers to track their CBD products from “seed to shelf”. CBD users will be able to search for trusted manufacturers all around the world, as well as verify the provenance of a given product and their development/distribution chain.

According to the app developers, consumers will be able to enter a specific product on the app’s search engine and learn about all the steps that the CBD oil went through, from the plants’ cultivation to its processing, oil manufacture and selling.

Strict rules and procedures are being ensured by Cobidol, so that the data available in SpectraTM are as reliable as possible, removing all manufacturers who sell substandard or low-quality products.

The app is still under development, and the users may request a demo and further information from Cobidol’s website.

This type of approach may be especially helpful for EU citizens living in countries which, despite having legalized medical cannabis and CBD, don’t have the means to grow the plant or produce CBD oil. Although European countries like Germany and Malta are well on their way to become medical cannabis producers and distributors, due to current high demand for these products, in many other EU countries the citizens still need to acquire these products online. Cobidol’s app SpectraTM may provide a safe way to acquire high-quality CBD oil, without incurring the risk of developing health issues due to the consumption of contaminated products.


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