Leeds has its first CBD oil cafe


In March, Hemp Harvesters opened its first cafe in Leeds, Yorkshire, on an industrial estate in Kirkstall.

One of the owners, Phillip Shaw, declared to the Yorkshire Evening Post: “we are the first CBD cafe in Leeds, we are here to help everyone who wants to learn about CBD. Everything on our menu can be infused with CBD, which is why we have the slogan ‘You choose it, we infuse it’”. 

Leeds’ first CBD cafe offers a wide range of products and dishes, including smoothies, cakes, chocolates, sauces, coffee, tea, full English breakfasts, fish and chips, jams, cheesecakes, among others. Per each customer request, all these products can be infused with CBD oil by Chris Cummings, the Cafe’s resident chef.

Moreover, the owners highlight that CBD oil is not the same as THC or cannabis and that consumers won’t get “high” in their establishment.

“We don’t want to attract the wrong people, we don’t want people looking for a high, because they won’t get that here. CBD is strictly a food supplement with a wide range of health benefits”, says David Cunning, Shaw’s business partner.

Besides serving CBD oil in various forms and CBD-infused foods/drinks at the Cafe, Hemp Harvesters also has an online store, where consumers can acquire a wide range of CBD and CBD-infused products, including gummies, CBD oil drops, capsules, gels, tabs, balms, and creams.

CBD is not the same as cannabis and is therefore not subjected to the same laws in the UK. CBD oil can be consumed as a food supplement, whereas cannabis and cannabis oil can only be used for medicinal purposes and need to be prescribed by doctors.

The CBD and cannabis market is evolving fast in the UK, where people are currently able to enjoy a nice cup of CBD-infused coffee, but can also get specialized medical treatment in medical cannabis clinics.

These changes are the result, not only of medical cannabis legalization, but also of all the scientific data available that presents CBD oil’s health benefits, and reflect the birth of a more tolerant and open-minded society throughout Europe.


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