Golf champion supports CBD use


Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining more influence than ever, especially in the health and wellness sector. Nowadays, plenty of celebrities support its use and application in several cases, and there are already medications based on CBD for treating different conditions.

Recently, the use of CBD has taken yet another leap, this time into the sports sector. Given its beneficial properties, CBD is thought to improve athletes’ performance, speed up injury recovery and is now considered a likely aid in almost every type of sports practice. Moreover, the use of CBD oil isn’t restricted (unless it contains significant amounts of THC or other substances) and is now being widely publicized by well-known athletes.

Gerry Lester “Bubba” Watson Jr. (generally known as Bubba Watson), an American professional golf player, has recently said to the press he considers the use of CBD products in golf a “no brainer”.

Watson, a two-times Masters champion and 12-time PGA Tour winner, explained he uses CBD to “keep free of injury” and to support the hardships and rigors of training and playing golf at a professional level. In fact, earlier this month the golf champion has announced a partnership with cbdMD, a known producer and distributor of CBD products.

Self-diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Disorder, Bubba Watson recognizes he had to do a great amount of research in order to discover products that were safe and didn’t contain additional substances but claims it is worth it.

According to Dr. Craig Davies, a trainer on the Tour, every person reacts differently to CBD, and it’s very important to know where the products come from. Moreover, the expert also claims it’s preferable to choose the full spectrum extract over the CBD isolate.

Dr. Davies recognizes the benefits of a full spectrum preparation, by stating that “the full plant extract has the terpenes, CBD, as well as a very low dose, usually 0.1 or 0.2 percent, of THC”. Davies also points out the benefits of having low THC doses in the oil, reporting that “it increases the effects of the other components of the plant. It’s actually better for anti-anxiety, promoting sleep, anti-pain, and anti-inflammatory.”

In 2018, CBD was taken out of the prohibition list of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), allowing professional athletes to make use of this substance for treating or preventing injuries.


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