Germany closer to producing its own cannabis


Due to high market demands and not enough import rates or national cultivation, the German medical entities have been experiencing difficulties in supplying the thousands of patients with the medical cannabis products they need. For that reason, at the beginning of this year, the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices had agreed to give 13 licensed lots for suitable companies to produce medicinal cannabis in the country.

Now, months later, the process is still ongoing. There are many bidders interested in this position, which difficulted the process, but the Agency responsible for this program seems to have reduced the number of candidates to the most suitable companies in the competition, from 79 to only 3.

So far, and according to the German press, there are 3 applicants that have most likely won the right to produce medical cannabis in Germany: the German subsidiaries of two Canadian companies, Aphria and Aurora, and the company Demecan, based in Berlin and part of the Wayland Group. According to the same source, Aphria and Aurora both won 5 lots each, while Demecan won 3 slots.

According to the experts, this decision is not final yet and it may still change. There are a few lawsuits pending in court that may influence the outcome of this situation, so the whole country is waiting to see how the matters are resolved.

According to recent statistics, there are more than 40.000 patients in Germany whose treatments require medicinal cannabis. In 2018, more than 185.000 prescriptions for medicinal cannabis products and preparations were issued. Importing medicinal cannabis is a tremendously expensive process, and national cultivation seems to be the best option for the German economy.

This development represents a huge step towards the independence of Germany when it comes to medicinal cannabis since the country will be able to supply its own market and perhaps export medicinal cannabis products for other European countries.


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