Daye launches CBD tampons


The femcare industry, dedicated to developing solutions to treat period pains, is growing exponentially and now comprises everything from pills to yoga exercises.

Given the growing scientific evidence, due to its painkilling and anti-inflammatory abilities, cannabidiol (CBD) is now thought of as a possibly effective solution in preventing all kinds of pain, including period pains.

Following this growing trend, there are already a few products and solutions available in the current femcare market. Usually, women may take a few drops of CBD oil, use salt baths or even vaginal suppositories to relieve menstrual cramps and pre-menstrual symptoms, but a London startup has come up with a whole new different concept.

Daye, a London-based femcare company, has announced the launch of its first product, a CBD-infused tampon to fight period pains. The company has developed this product based on existing scientific research, with the support of the Center for Applied Science and Innovation at the Faculty of Biology, Sofia University, Bulgaria.

According to the company’s website, unlike most of the CBD-infused femcare products available in the market, Daye’s tampons have a high concentration (30%) of CBD and are designed to be environmentally friendly. The products package includes a compostable refill pouch, recycled paper mailers, water-soluble paper wrappers, and bio-based sugarcane tampon applicators.

The tampons are made of organic, plastic-free, sustainably sourced cotton and, according to Daye, are produced, treated and stored like any medical device, thus assuring their safety and quality.

The product is scheduled to be launched by August this year, but the consumers have the chance of applying for the product waiting list through Daye’s website.

The company is also dedicated to providing female health educational content through a specialized platform, Vitals, and is also planning to launch a female health and analytics app this August.

The femcare industry represents a growing market in which the use of CBD can be applied efficiently, especially in the EU. Laurène Tran, Executive Director of ACTIVE (the first European CBD Trade Association), recognizes the profitable market gap that exists today. “The European market remains less mature than in North America. It’s a big opportunity to seize for entrepreneurs and investors.” Since the legalization of medical cannabis and cannabis-based products in Europe is still relatively recent, the market is not yet saturated and therefore presents a great opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs in the most diverse market areas.


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