420 gathers thousands in the UK


On Saturday, April 20th, people across the globe celebrated the International Cannabis Day, held every year on the same day.

In the UK, around 30.000 thousand people gathered in Hyde Park for a pro-cannabis event, defending the full legalization of cannabis for not only medicinal use but also for recreational purposes.

The gathering was seen by most as both a peaceful protest and a time to celebrate and fraternize with friends and strangers alike. According to sources in the press, witnesses at the scene describe the crowd as being “well-natured”.

At precisely 4:20 pm, as it was done all over the world in similar events, most people gathered to simultaneously light up their cigars and smoke cannabis. This is considered the “ceremonial” part of the event, symbolizing the union of all cannabis users around the world.

In the UK, use and possession of cannabis are considered a crime punishable by jail time but, as far as it is known, there were no arrests made at the scene.

This demonstrates the growing acceptance and tolerance surrounding cannabis use, bringing hope to all those pleading for its legalization and decriminalization.

Cannabis and cannabis-derived products such as cannabidiol (also known as CBD) have gained increasing popularity over the last few years, since many studies now advocate their health benefits and therapeutic value. The recreational use of cannabis, on the other hand, is still illegal in many EU countries.


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