World’s first CBD oil hotel opens in Essex


After the government approval for the legalization of medical cannabis, the UK has seen major advances in its cannabis-related industries. Manchester has its first medicinal cannabis clinic, there’s a CBD oil cafe in Leeds, a university course on the cannabis industry, and CBD oil is increasing in popularity more than ever before. And now, the hotel industry is also seeing some refreshing and expanding new concepts.

Tim Acton, co-owner of the Canna CBD company and one of the divers that rescued a children’s football team trapped in a cave in Thailand last year, decided to branch out his business in the UK cannabis industry. Along with his friend Greg Land, the co-owner of Canna CBD, he opened the world’s first CBD oil hotel & cafe/shop, the Green Coffee Lab & Leafy Hotel in Colchester, Essex.

Acton says the goal is to educate the public and clarify “some misconceptions” about CBD oil.

His partner, Greg Land, agrees. The co-owner of this new cafe & hotel concept recognizes that CBD is now more accessible to everyone, and that it’s a good thing. “People think cannabis is bad, but it’s not. It’s just a plant – it’s how people use it”, Land states.

The Green Coffee Lab, the cafe & shop part of the business, specializes in selling all kinds of CBD oil-infused edibles. The products include coffee, tea, pizza, several types of vegan dishes, beers, ciders, cocktails, and different kinds of sweets.

The Leafy Hotel, an 8-room boutique hotel located on the floor above the Green Coffee Lab, is also quite original. According to the owners, free CDB oil-infused shampoo samples are given to all guests, and all the light fittings of the building are made using hemp. The building is located at approximately 7 km from the University of Essex Colchester Campus, and the prices of the rooms vary between £80 and £125 per night.

This is another greater addition for any CBD oil fans in the UK, allowing the industry to grow further and hopefully end common misconceptions surrounding the use of cannabis and CBD oil.


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