EU’s first country to allow open CBD sales


Although medicinal cannabis and cannabis-derived products are now legal in many European Union (EU) countries, many of them still struggle with the law. Medicinal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD), one of its most prized components, aren’t at every citizen’s reach, sometimes because the countries can’t import enough or produce their own CBD, other times because the available products aren’t compliant with the countries’ or EU’s regulatory laws, among other reasons.

In fact, and since CBD is considered to be under the “Novel Foods” regulation in the EU, all companies that provide CBD-containing products, in order to legally sell the products in the EU, need to have a specific permit to authorize it, and that is not always easy to achieve.

But now it seems that Bulgaria, one of EU’s member-countries, has successfully achieved what other countries are still trying to accomplish.

According to Forbes, the Bulgarian government issued an authorization that allows Kannaway, a Canada-based subsidiary of Medical Marijuana Inc., to freely sell CBD products on the Bulgarian market – a Free Certificate of Sale for hemp-derived CBD.

This certificate classifies Kannaway’s CBD products as “traditional foods”, therefore bypassing the EU “novel foods” regulation and allowing its open commercialization on Bulgarian soil.

As far as we know, this move is reportedly the first one to be made by any EU country regarding CBD products.

Kannaway’s vice president, Alex Grapov, is very pleased with the result and expects to extend the business to other EU countries. “[The team is] excited to be on the forefront of companies who are working to dispel the myths and inconsistencies of the industry”, Grapov claims.

As stated by the vice president, it’s Kannaway’s intention to “expand access with lab-tested hemp-derived CBD products in Bulgaria, and soon in other EU nations”.

This decision made by the Bulgarian government sets an unprecedented example and may very well cause a ripple effect that can extend throughout other EU countries since it is a way to allow open CBD commercialization without breaking any EU laws.


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