Cannabis edibles expected to be worth more than $4 billion by 2022


Over the past few years, cannabidiol (CBD) has become one of the most popular substances worldwide. Its beneficial properties are now recognized by experts in many different medical fields, ranging from pain specialists to neurologists, and the medical use of CBD products is increasing rapidly across Europe and the world.

Products such as CBD oil, CBD-infused cosmetics, tinctures, and creams are now being sold by hundreds of manufacturers, as well as food supplements and additives. In fact, the edibles industry has invested a lot in CBD-infused foods and drinks, which are gaining popularity very fast among consumers.

One report presented by The Arcview Group, a business-oriented company focused on the cannabis industry, investments, and market research, states that the cannabis edibles market will most likely be worth more than $4.1 billion in the United States and Canada alone.

In fact, the investment opportunity is so tempting that known companies such as Spectrum Confections and Coca-Cola are already considering the production of CBD-infused jelly beans and drinks, respectively. When these products, among others, are finally released worldwide, the market value of CBD edibles will increase even more, adding to this fast growing billion-dollar industry.

This tendency is rapidly expanding to European countries, where edibles containing cannabis or CBD are growing more popular by the day. In the UK, the edibles category includes products such as hemp flowers (which generally contain only trace amounts of THC and a larger percentage of CBD), CBD coconut oil, hemp tea, CBD water, chewing gum, mints, CBD-infused chocolate, gummies, CBD-infused coffee, and even CBD-infused honey sticks.

Focused solely on bringing beneficial effects to the consumers, following EU laws and standards, most products have none or insignificant amounts of THC, one of the cannabis compounds thought to be responsible for its psychoactive properties.


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